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Sunshine Coast Weather & Climate

The Weather at Caloundra

Caloundra is part of the Sunshine Coast Region, Because of this Caloundra experiences one of the most idea climates with the highest sunshine levels in the world.

The Sunshine coast has a daily average of 7 hours of sunshine. Because of this the Seasonal Variation are less extreme than North America, Europe and North Asian.

Summer Seasons
The Temperature at Sunshine Coast are generally warm year round, with the Summer temperatures averaging about 17 to 28 Degrees Celsius (63 to 82 Degrees Fahrenheit) from December to February.

Autumn Season
The Autumn temperatures fall between 13 to 25 Degrees Celsius (55 to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit ) from March to May. As a result of this, the coastal locations benefits greatly from the cooling sea breezes on warmer days.

Winter Seasons
Our climate remains pretty steady even in the change towards the Winter Season with temperatures ranging between 7 to 22 Degrees Celsius (44 to 71 Degrees Fahrenheit ) during June to August.

Spring Seasons
The Spring Seasons are similarly mild with the temperature reaching between 13 to 25 Degrees Celsius (55 to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit ) during September to November.

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